Regina Jaquess tied the Women's World Slalom Record of 3 @ 41 off at the Cottonwood Fall Record on September 28, 2013. 



Cottonwood Summer Record  June 2 & 3, 2012

Ruth McCreary tied the Girls 2 National Record with a score of 3 @ 38 off.


Chad Scott tied the SCR Mens 3/MM Regional Record with a score of 3.5 @ 41 off. 

Numerous PB's were skied.  Thanks to all the skiers and officials who made this another memorable event.

Chief Officials:  Tournament Director:  Joe Darwin / Judge-Mark Schneewind / Driver-Chad Scott

Scorer-Karen Ledbetter / TC-Keith Lindemulder / PanAm-Keith Lindemulder/ Safety-Joe Darwin

Pictures from the event:



  Cottonwood Fall Classic Invitational Sept 22-23, 2012

Another great event to wrap up the tournament season.  Ruth McCreary's new G3 lake record (2 @ 38 off) and Ward McLain's 3.5 @ 41-off were the highlights of the weekend.  We appreciate everyone's input and positive comments on our new wireless video scoring procedures.  We will make some modifications to the system prior to our record events next season.  Without a doubt, this new version is much easier on the judges and scorers.  Thanks to all the skiers and officials who made the event run smoothly.  See everyone next June.




Four regional records broken or tied.

Don Butcher - Men 7 / Ron Toole - Men 8 / Chad Scott - Men 3 / Ruth McCreary - Girls 2

Eleven Lake Records


Pictures from the event:




Eric Schmidt Memorial   July 23, 2011 - 3 round Class "C"

Proceeds to benefit the Landon Schmidt Trust

Numerous PB's and two new lake records (M1 / M3)


Another great tournament to close the year.  New Regional G2 record (Ruth McCreary - 2 @ 38 off).  Five new lake records were set.

Pictures from the event:






JUNE 5-6, 2010


Cottonwood 7.3 / Cottonwood 7.4

July 24/25, 2010


Cottonwood Fall Classic

Sept 25-26, 2010

The 2010 Cottonwood Fall Classic is in the books.  Three new lake records were set along with several PB's.  Bailey Austin (G2) 2 @ 35 off (PB also), Emily Darwin (W1) 1.5 @ 35 off and Marilyn Larson (W5) 1.5 @ 32 off.  Greg Kuykendall's 4 @ 39 off was a new PB for him.  Great skiing by everyone.  This tournament wraps up our 7th year of hosting events.  We look forward to seeing everyone the first weekend in June, 2010 for our annual Summer Classic.  Thanks to all the officials who made the tournament run smoothly.  Have a safe winter.

Pictures from our 2010 tournaments:






September 26 - 27, 2009

We finally held a fall tournament that did not involve a hurricane warning for South Louisiana!  The weather could not have been better.  We are grateful for the continued response to our tournaments.  First, we want to thank our Chief Officials;  Mark Schneewind, Joe Darwin and Karen Ledbetter and all of the judges, drivers and scorers that assisted in making this one of the best run tournaments we have hosted.  We continue to host "PB Fests" each tournament.  We had 10 Personal Best's achieved this weekend.  Anne Behner, Joe Darwin, Mike Erb, Courtney Gage, Shane Hill, Adelaide Jones, Karen Ledbetter, Ward McLain, Kim McLain and Kim Schneewind.  Shelby Coke and Michael Arora tied their current PB's.  There may have been others - but that's all I can remember.  Therefore, at least 43% of the skiers who participated either skied a new PB or tied their current PB.   Not to mention the fantastic skiing from others.  Ward McLain's 3 @ 41 off on Saturday and 2 @ 41 on Sunday highlighted great performances from everyone.  Steve Binkley set a new M5 lake record of 2.5 @ 39 off.  Ward McLain's 3 @ 41 off tied the M3 lake record.

Dinner on Saturday night was sponsored by Kris Darwin, Coldwell Banker Real Estate - great Mexican food from Superior Grill.

 The golf cart for skier pick up was provided by Steven LeGendre. 

Lots of pictures below - click on thumbnail to enlarge.  

Last but certainly not least, thanks to the Darwin and Erb households for another backyard invasion.  Hope everyone has a fun, safe off-season and we look forward to seeing everyone the first weekend in June, 2010 for the 7th edition of our Summer Classic.



 June 6-7, 2009

 Another great tournament thanks to the skiers and officials.  First, I want to thank our Chief Officials;  Shelby Coke, Ward McLain, Chad Scott and Karen Ledbetter.  It was our smoothest tournament and that is a credit to the professionalism showed by all of our officials.  Again, the weather cooperated this year and provided us with outstanding conditions.  We continue to provide a tremendous platform for great scores.  We had 6 Personal Best's achieved this weekend.  Shelby Coke, Jonathan Fox, Blake Fritz, Aiden Walters, Shelby Walters and Kim Schneewind.  Not to mention the fantastic skiing from others.  Tyler Scott's two 38's in one event was a first.  

Everyone was treated to the famous jambalaya from Brady O'Callahan on Saturday evening along with beverages supplied by G&G Distributing.  Thanks to Brady and Mike Harrington of G&G for making our "post-game" meal one to remember.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to the Darwin and Erb households for another backyard invasion.  Good luck to everyone for the rest of the 2009 season and we look forward to seeing everyone at our Fall Classic in September.



Cottonwood Fall Classic / August 30-31, 2008

For the first time in 3 years, we held a Fall tournament.  In 2005, our tournament was held on the weekend Katrina hit New Orleans.  In 2008, it was the weekend Gustav hit the coast of Louisiana.  We've learned our lesson - NO MORE FALL TOURNAMENTS!!

We had great weather both days.  Two PB's were scored on Saturday:  Jonathan Fox 1.5 @ 32 off (7 buoy PB!) and Kim Schneewind ran 32mph for the first time in a tournament - 3 times!  She totaled 3 @ 34mph.  Two new lake records were set:  Jim Morton in M5 - 3 @ 38 off and James Harwood from Milton, Florida in M7 - 3 @ 32 off.  Great skiing by everyone!

Thanks to all the club members who helped with the tournament.  It was another great event and we hosted skiers from 5 states (LA, TX, FL, MN, AR.)  We were happy to see everyone and to know everyone returned home safely.    For those who will be at the Bayou Big Dawg next weekend, we'll see you there.  For others, we hope to see you again at our tournament in June, 2009.

Cottonwood Summer Classic V / June 7-8, 2008

Once again, the Cottonwood Summer Classic was a tremendous success due to the efforts of club members and officials.  We want to thank our Chief Officials Chad Scott, Kent White, Shelby Coke, and Ward McLain for helping us this past weekend.  We had great weather and some memorable performances.  Chad Scott's 2.5 @ 41 was quite impressive.  Ward's 38-off on Saturday was an entertaining train wreck from start to finish - but he made it!  Cottonwood maintained its reputation as a "PB-factory".  The following skiers performed a "Personal Best" this past weekend:  Justin Bertleson, Emily Darwin, Blake Fritz, Jonathan Fox, Brian Lane, Kim McLain and Aiden Walters.

Thanks to club members Karen, Mike, Kolby, Curtis, Andy, Jim, Whit, Brian, Michael, Blake, Emily, Zach and Austin for helping in judging, scoring, driving and dock starting.  This was the best run tournament we've ever held.

Thanks to Eric and Ben from Louisiana Watersports for providing dinner for everyone on Saturday night.  The burgers and beer were just what we needed after a long day!

Thanks to the Darwin and Erb families for enduring another back yard invasion.

And finally, thanks to all of the skiers who made our tournament a part of their 2008 season.  Hope to see most of you at our fall tournament in August.  Best of luck the rest of the year!



 JUNE 16 - 17, 2007


Once again, I want to thank everyone who attended for making this another memorable event.  Thanks to our chief officials Nicole Baird, Chad Scott, Ward McLain and Joe Darwin and all who assisted in running the events.  

We dodged every major rain event in a 5-state region on Saturday.  We could not have asked for better conditions.  Sunday was beautiful as well.  We enjoyed great performances from many of the skiers.  The following achieved or tied their personal bests this weekend:

Shelby Walters / Mike Erb / Joe Darwin / Ian McElroy / Eric Schmidt / Tyler Scott / Whit O'Brien

Some of the memorable performances were Chad Scott's 2 @ 41 off and Tyler Scott's 2 @ 39 off (36 mph).

Three new lake records were set this weekend in age divisions:  Tyler Scott in Boy's 3, Dana Zander in Women's 2 and Stephanie Stange in Women's 3.  Check the lake records page for all performances.  We've been fortunate to draw a very impressive group of skiers to our tournaments.

A big thanks goes to the Midway Marine guys Eric and Ben for the food and drink on Saturday night and supplying the Malibu boat.  Thanks to Southwest Correct Craft for the t-shirts.  Thanks to Bubba Powell for supplying the Ski Nautique and Olde Oaks Ski Club for supplying the MasterCraft.  We couldn't have done it without all of you.

Thanks to the Darwin and Erb families for their hospitality and opening their homes for another "backyard invasion".  And finally, thanks to the Cottonwood Water Ski members (Mike, Karen, Jim, Michael, Blake, Whit and Eric) who worked hard to make certain everyone had a great time and the event flowed smoothly.

Have a great ski season and we'll see you next year! 




JUNE 3 - 4, 2006


Tyler Scott of Covington, Louisiana set a new Boy's 2 National Record of 1 @ 39 off exceeding the record he previously held of 3.5 @ 38 off.  In the 3 rounds of competition on Saturday, Tyler skied 4.5 @ 38 (new record), 1 @ 39 off (new record), 3.5 @ 38 off (ties existing record).  The record was ratified by USA Waterski in July.

The record made the Goode Water Ski newsletter:    http://www.goode.com/e-news060623volume78.html#feature

For other results from the tournament, refer to the AWSA South Central webpage.

A special thanks to the following:

Chief Judge: Nicole Baird / Chief Driver:  Chad Scott / Chief Scorer:  Margaret Ann Woodard

Technical Controller:  Tim Cost

This was an extremely organized and professional tournament due to the efforts of all of our officials.  Thank you for a memorable weekend.  We look forward to working with you again next year.




Sunday / June 5, 2005 -  Cottonwood Summer Classic II



State Champions

Paul Havard (M4), Tem McElroy (M6), Ward McLain (M2), Darrell Fitts (M5), Lori Roy (W4), Emily Darwin (G3) and Tyler Scott (B2)

Not pictured:  Daniel Dipol (B1), Caroline Darwin (G2), Claire Dipol (W3), Nicole Baird (W2), Scot Jones (MO) and Chad Scott (M3)       


 Sunday / August 28, 2005 - Cottonwood Fall Classic

Tyler Scott at 38 off



 June 6 - Cottonwood Inaugural Summer Classic

August 22 - Cottonwood Fall Classic


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