With the intent of making water ski tournaments FUN again, Cottonwood will host 6-round non-sanctioned events on June 10/11 and Sept 23/24, 2017.  Below are the details:

1.  These events are NOT sanctioned by USA Water Ski or AWSA.  Participants do not have to be members of USA Water Ski.

2.  All fees/costs typically associated with a sanctioned event will be put into the prize money along with LOC contributions totaling $1800 in cash and prizes.

3.  The boats utilized will be ZO equipped.  Judging will be from the boat only.

4.  A maximum of Ten 3-person teams per event (30 skiers)

5.  Handicaps will be utilized by the event coordinator to create the teams in the most equitable manner.  Handicaps can be adjusted during the event if deemed appropriate.  All decisions of the event coordinator are final.

6.  Each team will have a cumulative buoy count (combined among the 3 team members) and the score from the 3 team members will be computed for each round (see Saturday scoring example below).

7.  Three rounds of competition on Saturday.

8.  Each skier will be allowed to erase one round's score (mulligan) from the calculation.  At the end of Saturday's rounds, a skier can elect to apply to one of Saturday's scores or save for Sunday.  The "mulligan" round MUST be applied on Sunday if not used on Saturday.

9.  Catered dinner and drinks provided on Saturday evening to competitors - $10 for guests.  T-shirts for all competitors.

10.  Rounds 4, 5 and 6 on Sunday.

11.  The top two teams (cumulative scores from first 5 rounds) will advance to Round 6.  Round 6 will be "sudden death" format.  All previous round scores will be erased and each team will ski against their cumulative average to determine first place.

12.  First place team members will receive $500 each.  Second place team members receive a new Masterline mainline.

Scoring Example:





Team Total

Rnd 1

Rnd 2

Rnd 3




John Doe


3 @ 22 off






Round 1


-  1


Jane Doe


1 @ 38 off






Round 2




Jim Doe


5 @ 38 off






Round 3

















Using the example above, Team #1 has a cumlative buoy count of 273.  Skiers will ski as a team and their scores totaled against their average (273) and a variance will be computed for each round.  After Round 5 is complete, the top two teams with the lowest variance will advance to Round 6.  All previous rounds will be erased and the team members will ski against their cumulative average against the other team.  At the completion of Round 6, a winning team will be determined by the lowest variance.


Entry Fee:  $120 per entry   /   Maximum Entries:  30  /  Questions?  jdarwin@lakesatcottonwood.com



JUNE 10/11


SEPT 23/24



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Cottonwood Water Ski has elected to donate a portion of the proceeds from our June and September tournaments

to the Holy Angels Residential Facility.

  Holy Angels Residential Facility, located in Shreveport, Louisiana is operated by the

Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows under the direction of the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport.

The facility has been providing exceptional care for developmentally challenged children and adults for over 40 years.


Some of the countries represented in our tournaments over the past 13 years.



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