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The Quantum Hardshell boot fits comfortably and provides increased edge control. The adjustable buckles allows you to tailor the fit to your foot so that there is no excess pressure at any part of your foot. Release the buckles while sitting in the water or waiting if you wear it really tight to allow your foot to rest. This boot allows for more training time and less foot cramping. It will also improve edge control and skiing performance.

This boot can be mounted with or without release mechanism. Boot is ready for use with the 505 (Black & Grey) Silvretta system used by Reflex. It can also be customized to be used with the 404 (Yellow) Silvretta Release mechanism.  

The Preshaped Silver Liner is designed for maximum comfort. Flat soled bottom with removable footbed, which can be replaced with an orthodic footbed. 


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Pro Series Ropes, Handles and Gloves

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Masterline Dlx 9.25m Knotless Slide Loop Pro Mainline(11 Section)  Retail $99.95 / CWS $89.95

This rope is designed for the "Professional" skier and 34 mph record chaser. This is our best tournament rope. It starts at 18.25m and has shortenings down to 9.25m for the World Record Chase.



  • Constructed of our exclusive PolyproMAX rope which is braided in Masterline's factory.

  • Looped, knotless construction from 18.25m to 10.25m

  • Single section line with knotless construction for 9.75m to 9.25m

  • Mini slide loops that open larger to slip over the largest of pylons and then return to shape.

  • Larger slide loop at handle end of rope for easier handle attachment and removal.

  • Logo marking sleeves through 9.75m

  • Record capability

  • 60' Overall length (18.25m)

  • Shortenings through 9.25m

  • Made in the USA

Platinum9.25mthumb.jpg Masterline Dlx "Pro" Mainline 11 section - Retail $89.95 / CWS: $79.95 

This will be the Official rope of the US Masters and other professional tournaments in 2012! Made with PolyproMAX in the USA.


9.75mdlxmainsm.jpgMasterline Dlx Mainline 10 Section w/ marking sleeves - Retail $69.95 / CWS: $ $62.95 

Masterline Progressor Mainline 10 Section - Retail $79.95 / CWS: $71.95 

Designed by the world's best ski coaches to aid in learning shortline slalom.
• Additional loops at: 18.5', 25', 30' and 33.5' off.
• Single line construction.
• Detachable 15' off section
• Includes rope holder.

Masterline 12m Youth Mainline- Retail $44.95 / CWS: $40.95 

Lighter weight slalom rope designed for G1, G2 , B1 & Women 6 and above divisions to prevent sagging rope for lightweight skiers.
• Looped Construction
• Shortenings through 12m (35' off)
• Lightweight 1/4" PolyProMAX™ Rope
• Made in USA
This rope is primarily designed for the lightweight skier running through 32 off or skiers running longer line lengths that have trouble with the traditional heavier slalom ropes sagging into the water.

Kpalm2008Sm.jpg Masterline K-Palm Curves Retail $59.95 / CWS: $53.95 

Exclusive Masterline fit. Rough and tough aramid palm provides a better grip and increases the life of the glove.

Tough aramid palm material
2" angled power wrist strap
Double stitched
Third tab locking system


Masterline Pro Locks Retail $64.95 / CWS: $58.95 

Exclusive Masterline fit. Palm strap with dowel for superior grip strength. The glove is designed to transfer the pulling force from the hands, fingers and forearms into the bone structure to provide superior strength and endurance. This helps improve grip strength, alleviate fatique and eliminate blisters.
• Palm strap with dowel for superior grip
• Pre-curved
• Extra padded writs strap
• Reinforced palm strap
• Double stitched
• Third tab locking system


Masterline Masters Curves Retail $49.95 / CWS: $44.95 

The choice of more pros than any other glove. Soft amara palm provides an excellent feel of the handle.

Padded amara palm
1" angled wrist strap
Double stitched
Adjustable tab with interlocking tab



Masterline Monster Team Handles 12" or 13". Straight or radius. Standard or small diameter

Retail $59.95 to $64.95 / CWS: $54.95 to $58.95 

• 12" and 13" handles with double braid 4 rope construction. Standard and .940" diameters.
• 11" end caps for protection and durability.
• Highest quality rubber handle bonded to an aircraft grade aluminum core ensures that this handle is the strongest you can buy.


Masterline Custom Handles 12" or 13" (straight or radius) various diameters - Retail $88.95 to $114.95 / CWS: $ $79.95 - $102.95 

Handle Model

Handle size

Handle diameter






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